Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Excuses: Fear of Success

I'm out sick today, not even trying to get in a couple of hours. The way I felt this morning I was pretty sure the worst had not yet come. But I've had a restful day, taking my over-the-counter medication, and now am feeling much better. If things continue as is, I should be able to work tomorrow. Today I haven't tried to write anything.

The next excuse I sometimes use is fear of success. What would happen if my column, my novels, my ideas for non-fiction books, should turn out to be good ideas, and my writing turn out to be good writing, and all these things be fantastically successful? What would change in my life as a result, and am I ready for that? Some extra money would be nice, and there is no need to fear "papazzi"-type fame, for no writer gets that, not even J.K. Rowling. Success that leads to a change of career is also pretty unlikely, and shouldn't be something to fear.

I sometimes think this is my biggest hindrance. Then I tell myself it's just wishful thinking. The level of success that would have a major change in my life is so far fetched as to be not attainable. So fear of success should not be a factor. Still, those dreams are hard to drive out of my mind, and the dreams then lead to that fear--of success.

I don't know how to overcome that, other than to keep trying. Take one day at a time. Plan out a writing "career" and work the plan. Yet I've had these plans since June 2006. Why have I not acted on the plan? Fear of success?

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