Monday, December 31, 2007

More about Doctor Luke's Assistant

Augustus struggles with Christianity. Although not a religious Jew, he resisted giving Christianity an honest consideration, even though he found much attractive in Luke, the church, and Jesus. The resurrection was the main problem he could not accept.

A young woman in the church, Keziah, caught Augustus' eye, and he fell in love with her. To improve his chances with her, he bribed a government official to obtain the release of her father from false imprisonment over a tax issue. This, when discovered by the government, almost brought the entire research and writing project to a stop when Luke is accused of planning the crime Augustus committed.

Claudius Aurelius has Luke confined to Jerusalem, until a new governor comes to Israel and Aurelius makes a trip to Rome. Luke and Augustus go to Galilee for an intensive seven months research before Aurelius returns.

As the work progresses, the political situation in Jerusalem grows worse. At the end of three years, the massive biography is done. The first events of the Jewish revolution causes Claudius Aurelius to make one last attempt to destroy Luke's work. In the end, Luke must rely on God, with many praying for him, to not lose everything he worked for.

The next post will tell the status of the book.

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