Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Waiting, Waiting

Three months and three days. That's how long it's been since I sent a partial manuscrpt of Doctor Luke's Assistant to an agent I met at a conference. The agent requested the partial, and I complied a couple of days later. No word since them. This is about at the time when, if you listen to on-line writer groups, I should be thinking about a refresher contact to the agent. I think I'll wait another couple of months, however. It seems the waiting is getting harder on this one the longer it goes on.

Four months. That's how long it's been since I sent four items out for consideration by four different periodicals. Three were poems; one was a literary essay. I heard back from two of them over the next two months--two rejections. The other two, nothing. These are not ones I'm sweating over, as I don't think much payment, if any, is involved, and not a lot of noteriety. Still, knowing would be better than not knowing.

One day. That's how long it will be before they announce the results of the Valentine's Day love sonnet contest at Absolute Write. I entered an older one titled "Motif No. 1", a take-off of the famous fishing hut in Rockport, Massachusetts. One of forty-five entries with five prizes being awarded, I think I have a decent chance to get something. But I've been disappointed before, so my hopes aren't really up.

Waiting is part of the writing industry, with most waits ending in the disappointment of rejection. We'll see what these four unresolved submittals hold.

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David A. Todd said...

Updating: I took second place in the sonnet contest, for my sonnet "Motif No. 1". Second out of 45 ain't bad, though I'd have loved first.