Friday, December 19, 2008

Life Imitates Reality TV

I believe I am part of a subculture--a very small subculture, it seems. It is the subculture of those who have never watched a reality TV show. Maybe there's something weird about me, but I don't watch 'em and have no desire to do so.

I sat down to watch the first show of the second season of Survivor. The first season had great reviews, and was a success despite my lack of watching. So I decided to see what it was all about. 30 minutes was all I could take. It was obviously not reality at all; it seemed stupid; and was for certain a waste of my time. Another time I was surfing channels, and came upon a reality show where some fat slob was engaged to a hot babe, and the purpose of the show was for him to make her break up with him. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I think 15 minutes was all I could take of that one.

The Amazing Race, Big Brother, Ozzie Osborne (or, yes, I also watched 10 minutes of one of those once), Keeping Up with the Kardashians, etc. None of them appeal to me. The Biggest Loser, however, looks like it might have some promise, and I may someday dedicate an entire hour to this one. At least it seems to have a practical goal in the midst of the entertainment.

At work, some youngin's have decided to start a Biggest Loser program. Losing weight for us fatties, adding weight/muscle for the skinnies, workout goals for the obsessed but weak-willed, etc. For 13 weeks beginning in January we will do the program: accountability, support groups, and I don't know what-all. I may be the only one over 50 in the program--heck, I may be the only one over 40!

We'll see how this works. I need all the help I can get. After a great summer and fall, I'm fattening up for the winter, and need some motivation to do better. I hope this does it.


Anonymous said...

The first season of Survivor was won by a devious RIer. What could be better than that? He's in jail now for tax evasion. Survivor is unscripted, but heavily edited to turn it into a soap opera. It's actually a great case study for how loathsome people can act.


David A. Todd said...


He was a Rhode Islander? I didn't realize that. I saw a lot of publicity for him afterwards, but I never heard that said.

And is that "how [loathsome people] can act"

or "[how loathsome]people can act?

Anonymous said...

Read it both ways.