Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Improvements to Body, Home, and Writing

The "hit by a bus feeling" I wrote about on Monday has ended. By bedtime on Monday I was much better. Woke up on Tuesday with the normal morning stiffness, but my right wrist and arm felt much, much better than it had for several days, perhaps even a week. When I weighed in at work on Tuesday I was down 5 pounds week over week, back on track for a net loss by the end of the year. Maybe the better eating, more exercise, and general level of activity did something positive.

Monday evening I was able to write an article for, the next in my series on stock trading. Tuesday noon I was able to finish the article on the Crystal Bridges Museum for and submit it. That leaves me two still under contract at Buildipedia, and of course as many as I want to write at Suite. The money at Buildipedia is nice, at Suite not so much, but I see little signs of improvement there. Perhaps these recent articles are generating ad clicks at a higher rate than some of my early ones.

Last night, instead of writing, I finished the primer coat in the downstairs bathroom. Well, almost finished. I found some places I missed on the trim, and other places I had failed to wipe away the dust of sanding. With wet paint in the room I didn't dust and paint those. So looks like tonight will include a little more painting, maybe no writing.

And on both Monday and Tuesday, as the day ended, I had enough energy and brain power to read a good amount in Athanasius. I really liked Monday's reading. It was in the place where Athanasius speaks about the Christian's attitude toward death, basically that he despises rather than fears death. This was so close to one of John Wesley's sermons on death that you know this is either a source work and derivative or the treatment of the subject hadn't changed much in the 1,450 years between the two. I found it interesting reading.

So what will today hold, in this adventure called life, juggling devotion to God, being a husband, being an empty-nest father and grandfather, an engineer, a writer, and trying to maintain a house and property? I'll be writing today, items needed for one of the papers I'll present in February. So that's good: any writing is worthwhile writing. I always feel good when I make progress in whatever I do.

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