Monday, April 11, 2011

A Sale and a 4-Star Review

My e-short story, "Mom's Letter", continues to languish in the Kindle bookstore, ranking a little lower than 100,000. I haven't promoted it, the hours in the day being insufficient for the purpose. Heck, I haven't even figured out how to put a widget promoting the book on this blog. I haven't had time to promote it on the Kindle boards. I haven't figured out the HTML commands needed to add promotional words/links to my blogspot signature. I haven't figured out how to change my Yahoo e-mail signature to include those. In short, I've done nothing to promote it except a couple of posts on Facebook and pleas in a few posts on the Suite101 forums.

I check the Kindle report almost every day, just in case something does, but it never does. I had the two early sales in February and one review. Then March was zero sales. April was zero sales, until today. When I checked the report this morning, it showed a single sale in April. Now there were three! That's $1.05 in commissions earned, nowhere close to the $10.00 payout, but it's earnings accrued. Not only that, but the purchaser posted a review on the Kindle boards. This purchaser/reviewer is unknown to me. I haven't interacted with her on any writer's boards, or in a blog. She's not a relative. Here's what she wrote about "Mom's Letter":

Very touching and sweet. The only downfalls? I have to agree that it's not so much a short story as a slice of life-ish vignette. That and this is the only work available by this author. Too bad, because I really enjoyed it.
Well, if that doesn't get the juices flowing! Makes me regret all this time I've had to work my day (and evening) job this last month. How quickly can I finish Documenting America and upload it? I've spent the last two evenings on my Wesley small group study. Maybe I need to be working on the other.

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