Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What to do About Two Blogs?

As I mentioned previously, I now have a writer's website. My son Charles helped me, actually did most of the work. He suggested a site for hosting and domain name registration. We looked together at some Wordpress templates, and had a difficult time agreeing on one. He found a couple that were okay to me, but neither stood out as what I wanted. Finally I said okay to the one that's up now. I didn't want something gaudy, with all kinds of movement and sound and flashy-flashy stuff. Yet I wanted something that looked professionally done. What we chose fits, I think.

Technophobe as I am, I wasn't sure I could hack the new software. It took me a long time to feel comfortable with blogger, and I wasn't anxious to learn a new one. But it has turned out to be easier than expected. Charles established the pages, and ported everything from An Arrow Through The Air to the blog portion of the new site. Since then, I've been tinkering. I added some works-in-progress. I corrected bad usage on the bio. I added Kindle links for my available books. And I wrote a little bit (twice) on the poetry page. And I've made four blog posts over there, each of which I copied here.

So, what shall I do about An Arrow Through The Air? I don't really need two blogs. Yet how to get my few followers to migrate to the new site? Yet, I sometimes make posts here that are probably not appropriate for a professional writer's site. This leads me to think I will keep both blogs. At davidatodd.com I will post about writing, maybe some on engineering (as it pertains to writing). I'll copy all those here, and then make some other posts here, as the spirit moves me.

How long will I keep this up? Don't know. That is to be determined.

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