Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Someday: I'll conquer my weight problem. The urge to use food for comfort will subside; the overwhelming urge to have my belly full will diminish, and my body with it. The forty year struggle will be over.

Someday: I'll get ahead of the financial curve. Debts assumed for others will be paid, or reassigned. The mortgage will be paid. My salary will get above where it was in 2003. The need to accumulate things will be gone. And the constant pressure to worry about having something for retirement will be over.

Someday: The anger at "things" that come up in life, generally things outside my control, will be gone. The anger was learned, not natural. So hopefully, someday, I'll return to my natural state.

Someday: I'll learn to use graphics software, so I can do my book covers myself.

Someday: We'll have more than 2 people attend writers group.

Someday: ...The stupid pharmacy automated calling system will stop interrupting me when I'm typing blog posts.


Gary said...

Somebody's having a grumpy day.
Hang in there; we're all in this together.

David A. Todd said...

Yeah, kind of. I meant to add something about second and third string, but forgot. No reason to edit now.