Thursday, March 29, 2012

First cut at the cover for "The Candy Store Generation"

A friend from, Victoria Nicks, offered to help me with a cover for a book. I told her about The Candy Store Generation, and she went ahead and did this cover. This is what she came up with. I suggest she see if she could keep in theme with my other covers.

I'm interested in everyone's opinion of this cover. Let me know in the comments.

ETA: So far I haven't subtitled the book, but if I did subtitle it, the subtitile would probably be: "How the Baby Boomers are Screwing Up America". I had lunch with a friend today, one who bought Documenting America. He said this new book needs the subtitle. Anyone have a thought on that?


Poppy-Poet/Writer said...

Mmmmm, now I want jellybeans. Um, what were you saying? Oh yeah, what do I think of the cover? I like it. It's colorful and the style does seem to be similar to your other book covers. Seeing the candy in the jars like that is reminiscent of the time you're writing about. Anyway, I like it. Keep it. And give me some of those jellybeans. hahaha!

David A. Todd said...

Hi Poppy.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll probably keep it, but have a few tweaks made.


storyweaver said...

I like the concept but I think it makes more sense to fill the jars with $ - % - and # - signs. This would let me know its about finances instead of candy. Which could be confusing. To me it would combine your two thoughts beautifully.

Gary said...

Yes, good cover. As for the title, without a subtitle it gives the impression of being a novel.

Poppy-Poet/Writer said...

Yes, a subtitle would be an excellent idea.

David A. Todd said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Suz, Gary, and Poppy.

I'll definitely add the subtitle. I'll use, "How the Baby Boomers are Screwing Up America", unless something better comes along.

I like your idea of adding something to the cover about finances, Suz. I'll see if the cover designer can add some $$$$ to the jelly beans.