Friday, December 14, 2012

If One More Thing Breaks...

...I may lose it.

First, sometime earlier this year, the DVD player in the basement broke. So we bought a new one at a great sale price. We installed that on the TV upstairs, however, rather than on the one in the family room downstairs.

Then the console TV upstairs went out. It's an old analog one which needs to be replaced with a digital, but I didn't feel like we had the money to do so. So we grabbed an old TV that wasn't hooked up, set it on top of the console and kept going. I hooked the DVD player to the console and it plays fine, so it appears the receiver for that console is what's bad. When our daughter was back for Thanksgiving and saw the old TV on top of the big TV, both analog, she said something about it being a redneck type set-up.

Then the water line started leaking between the meter and the house. That cost $350 + $295 to isolate and fix, and probably $250 in extra water charges.

Then the fridge went out, which I chronicled in another post.

Before that the oven went out, or rather partially out. The broiler element works but not the lower one. Since it's a built in oven replacing it is complicated and expensive. I'm thinking about having it fixed.

Before that the microwave started to act up. It's not heating on full power, though we're limping along with it.

Now the counter-top TV in the kitchen has decided to not give us any video. The audio comes through fine, but it gives no video.

Before that our 25 year old mattress told us to replace it, which we did two weeks ago.

So I wonder, what's next?

I started writing this two days ago, had to put it aside, and just now came back to it. I'm happy to say that in the last 48 hours no appliance, major or minor, has ceased to function in my house. That's good. I guess I won't lose it. Of course, I got to the office today to find no Internet service or e-mail, which happens two or three times a year, but I can live with that. And the arm on my work reading glasses broke off an hour ago. Never mind; I have an old pair I keep here for just such emergencies. And a new pair is only $6 at Dollar General.

Maybe my string of appliance breakdowns is coming to an end.


vero said...

TECHNOLOGY. What can I say? It makes some things life a bit more convenient, but it can be frustrating and worrisome to maintain and replace.

Ha! I get my reading glasses from the Dollar Store, also. I've had to replace mine several times this year. I'm not accustomed to wearing them, keeping up with them, or caring for them.

Here's to no more appliance breakdowns! :)

Gary said...

Wow, you're a disaster area! Is the Mayan calendar running a bit early in AR? At least the new appliances should have different longevities so they won't all go at once again.