Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Tabernacle

For a long time I've been interested in the Jewish tabernacle described in Exodus, and mentioned elsewhere in the Old Testament. Possibly I like it in part because Exodus includes a construction specification for it, plus and operation and maintenance manual for its use and care, both things that are part of my civil engineering career.

For whatever reason, the reading in Exodus about the tabernacle can be boring and difficult to get through. I need to be in the right frame of mind to read it for comprehension. I had one of those times earlier this year, and enjoyed it immensely.

In the current sermon series our pastor is going through, "The Big Picture", today was week two, and covered the Hebrews' time in Egypt and the exodus therefrom. For the Life Group lesson, we were given material related to the tabernacle. It wasn't really part of the pastor's sermon, but was certainly related. My co-teacher taught our adult Life Group, his first week back teaching in two months after having knee surgery and an injury before that. So I decided not to do much preparation for it, reading through the material only once.

The lesson was good, and the material adequate. It discussed the impact that having the tabernacle had on the fledgling Israelite nation. It was set up in the center of the camp, with the tribes arrayed around it in a specific order. The activities at the tabernacle were ordained by God. The set-up, tear-down, and transport were ordained by God. To the Israelite the very presence of God resided in the Most Holy Place. When God's presence left, they knew it was time to break camp and move on.

I have much more study to do on the tabernacle. I'd like to get a scholarly book on it, but only after I exhaust the resources I have in my personal library. I'd like to draw more parallels between it and things in the Christian's life that deal with the presence of God, and symbols of His presence.

So it's been a good day: restful, uplifting, motivating. Now, if only God would give me more hours in the day.

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vero said...

The tabernacle is a good study. I'm interested in reading about your discoveries in the future. :)