Sunday, June 22, 2014

Philip the Evangelist: God's Man in God's Time

I will be brief today. It has been a full day. First was putting the finishing touches on my lesson to teach to our Life Group, then getting ready for church, then church and Life Group, followed by an after-church Life Group pot luck dinner at the home of one of our couples. They are heading out on a two month trip, and wanted to host this for the class.

That put us at home around 3:30 p.m. I came straight to The Dungeon, and began working on a cover for my latest short story. Titled "Saturday Haircuts, Tuesday Funeral", it is the fourth in my series about Danny Tompkins, exploring the grief in a teenager's life at the loss of a parent. Since the covers for #1 and #2 were done my my son, on a certain theme, and since I continued that theme with the cover I did for #3, the theme was already set, and I had no problem with it. It took me a while to get all the elements in place, but once I did it came together nicely. I don't claim it to be all that artistic, but hopefully it does the job.

That's done, and I proofread and tweaked the story. Tomorrow I'll look at it once more, and either tomorrow night or Tuesday I'll publish it. On now to the next task.

About Life Group: It was my week to teach, the fourth of five weeks in our series on how the Resurrection changed everything. This week was about Philip. Not Philip the apostle, but the other Philip, the one called "Philip the Evangelist" in Acts 21:8. He was one of the seven chosen to improve the distribution of food to the Greek speaking widows in the Jerusalem church. Then he was among those who were scattered by the murderous threats of Saul. He came to Samaria and began an effective ministry of preaching, driving out demons, and healing. Even the town sorcerer was saved under his ministry. Then he went to the desert road by Gaza and helped an Ethiopian learn how to be saved, and baptized him.

We then lose sight of him, as the Acts narrative moves on to activities by Paul and Peter. Philip next appears in Acts 21:8, where he hosts Christian travelers in his home, and where we learn he has four unmarried daughters who prophesied. I interpret this to mean that after some fruitful years of ministry, we find that he was able to positively impact his family for Jesus.

I think that's a remarkable achievement. His ministry changed according to the need at the time. And through it he didn't lose his family. Well done, Philip. I wish I had done as well.

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