Thursday, October 23, 2014

Post Ideas Lost

As my regular readers will know, I missed my regular posting day last Sunday. I have no excuse except busyness. Our new stock trading education program is taking an incredible amount of time, essentially every evening, almost all hours, and lots of time on the weekends. To some extent this will pass, though I don't see a lot of time opening up for a while.

Having missed Sunday, I began planning for today's post. Several ideas came to mind, over the last few days. Unfortunately I didn't write them down, and just as quickly they passed through my mind back into the atmosphere. They were good ideas, and would have made good posts. Alas, they are now making the same impact an arrow through the air makes to the air around it.

This week I plan to do a better job of actually capturing those ideas. I'll post this coming Sunday, and will get back on a regular schedule. I have lots to write about. I just need to organize my time and mind better.


storyweaver said...

Good lucky with that Dave, when you figure out how to remember to remember let me know.. I'm to the point of sticking post-it notes to my forehead..

David A. Todd said...

Ha! If you do the sticky note thing make sure to take a selfie. I did a better job of capturing blog ideas, but not as good as I wanted to. Will try again this week.