Monday, January 12, 2015

The Busyness Continues

December 23 was my last post. That's 20 days ago, which I believe is the longest I've ever gone between posts on this blog. During that time I made one post to my other blog.

The fact is the great Time Crunch continues, and does not seem to be slackening at all. A look at my activities over the past weekend would be illustrative of what has happened to my use of time. I won't go into details, as they would be boring to most readers. Friday evening is a blur. I think I spent time reviewing accumulated mail; beyond that I don't remember. Maybe I added the checkbook. Saturday morning, after sleeping late to overcome a several-days sleep deficit, I worked on personal and business finances. It's incredible how much I accomplished. Then it was chores around the house, the Wal-Mart groceries run, and in the evening study to teach Life Group on Sunday. I did manage to sneak in watching about a quarter of one of the NFL playoff games, though was multi-tasking while I did so. I decided to be responsible for Saturday supper so that took some time.

Sunday was church, teaching the Life Group lesson, drop off recyclables, eat with my mother-in-law, home to take about an hour nap, then work on stocks for one and a half hours. In the evening Lynda and I worked on stocks together for about two hours.

So writing time was hard to come by. Leisure was hard to come by. Exercise was hard to come by, except for all the chores I did.

Nothing appears to be changing. I see this level of busyness continuing at least till the end of March. I can't really see any farther ahead than that. One consequence of this is I can't really keep up two blogs. While I like this one, and love the title, the most likely scenario is I abandon this one and consolidate my writings here into my writing blog. I'll probably wait another week or so to make that a firm decision, but that's most likely where I'm going.

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