Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September Writing Goals

Given my personal workload, my writing goals in September will be modest, as they were in August.

1. Attend critique group once (it meets every two weeks), and present the next chapter in my work-in-progress novel.

2. Blog 10 to 12 times. I'd like to do more, but will settle for that.

3. Update my submissions log. I filed a few papers last night, and discovered I haven't entered in my log the last several submissions I made. That may be important come tax time.

4. (If I finally decide to market it) Submit Documenting America to about twenty newspapers as a possible self-syndicated column.

5. Work on, and complete if possible, the proposal (with four sample chapters) for the Bible study requested by the editor.

6. Wait (patiently) for a response on the two projects I currently have out with an editor and agent.

7. Continue to work on my reading list, the writing help book and the next one, whatever it is.

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