Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Packing, Packing

Our corporate headquarters moves on Friday. The word from on high is that we must have everything in boxes and those boxes and all furniture marked before we leave the office on Thursday. I'm in pretty good shape. All the furniture I'm taking is marked. I have thirteen boxes packed, and I estimate about eight more boxes--maybe nine--should finish me up.

Yesterday I finished packing the library. I think I blogged about this effort before. First I spent a week organizing the library, which was in sad shape from almost nine years of neglect. Then I took a week to cull through the materials and eliminate duplicates and out-dated material. I probably discarded close to fifteen percent of the documents therein. Constantly I was fighting things dumped in the room by those too lazy to properly take care of things, such as: surplus office hardware such as staplers, three-hole punches, tape dispensers, filing/storage trays; empty notebooks; and library materials I asked to be brought back there a month ago.

I beat my expectations of when I would be done by a day. As I was preparing to leave the VP over Operations came by my office and said he didn't think I would have it done on time. I said to him, "Oh ye of little faith." Today I sent an e-mail to the coordinator of the move, with the title "put a fork in it". Ah, satisfaction.

The day remains dreary and my mood is better than last night. Have writers guild this evening, and need to decide what to take. I have nothing recently written to show them, so I'll probably take the next installment of In Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People.

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