Friday, October 2, 2009

The September Report

September was not a good month. I made much less progress on writing projects in general, and I fear in the specific items I wanted to accomplish. Here's the results.

Blog at least 12 times. I think I blogged 13 times, so I achieved this goal.

Post at least 12 articles to Let me check at Suite...oh, only 6 articles. My mind didn't go dead, just my desire to write for them.

Finish chapter 7 in In Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People; start chapter 8 I worked one evening on this, getting a little farther in Chapter 7 but not completing it, and not working on Chapter 8.

Complete one appendix in the Harmony of the gospels >>> Hard to remember, but I think I got this one done. If I didn't actually finish it, I'm real close; probably everything except proof-reading and polishing.

Plan at least six lessons in Good King, Bad King series. By plan I mean something more than just a lesson title, something about the king and his life. >>> I did nothing on this, nothing at all. It just wasn't on my radar screen.

So there it is, a dismal month as far as writing goals. Now I'll plan for October. Given that I'm starting a day late, I'm not hopeful.

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