Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February Goals

I'm finding it difficult to set goals this month, as illustrated by the fact that I didn't get to my goal setting till the 3rd. I'm still feeling the effects of the cold I picked up early last week. Consequently my mind is more on seeing that cured than seeing my words on paper.

Still, without some goals, I won't make any writing progress. So here's some to start; perhaps I'll edit them later (yeah, I always say that).

1. Blog 12 times or more.

2. Write and publish at least 8 articles at

3. Consider applying for a feature writer position at Suite101; more on that in a post later today.

4. Complete an article I'm writing for and submit it. Ran it through critique group last night, so it's down to final editing.

5. Make at least three freelance submittals (including BiblioBuffet).

6. Write at least 1000 words in In Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People.

7. Read at least 50 pages in a book about writing better. I have four or five at my disposal right now.

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