Friday, July 2, 2010

A Long and Busy Weekend Lies Ahead

Well, the boss just sent out an e-mail: Anyone not pushing a tight deadline may leave at 3:30 PM. I may just do that, if not quite at 3:30 then at least somewhat early. The pick-up needs an oil change, so I may go and do that.

We have Monday off for Independence Day, so it's a three day weekend. But I enter it feeling as if I have a to-do list a mile long. Of things to do at the house, that is. At work I'm in the middle of--shall I say bogged down in--the next flood study, with it going much slower than I would like. But at home I have a ton of things to do. Here's a few of the major tasks.

  • Finish writing and studying for the Life Group lesson I'll teach on Sunday. The series is called "Sacred Moments", and we are on lesson five this week. I've done the basic research, but each week I prepare a class handout. That's only half done. Then I have to do some more studying. I should read at least two more chapters in my reference book and have separate teacher's notes.
  • Write my assigned article for It's not due until July 14, but I'll be driving east on that day, and I want to beat editor expectations. It's to be 500 to 1000 words, though I think I'll need about 1200-1300 to do the subject justice. The editor said that would be fine. Most of my research is done; it's a question of pulling the final information together and write it.
  • Pick blackberries. I went last Saturday and picked 3 quarts. I'd like to get that many again today. The patch is huge, and I don't think too many people know about it. If I can get 3 or 4 quarts between tomorrow and Monday, I'll consider it a good year.
  • Finish cleaning the interior of the pick-up. I started that two weeks ago, and should be able to finish with another hour of work.
  • Take down a "leaner" from the back of my lot, before it falls where I don't want it to and it takes two other trees with it. In North Carolina they called these "widow-makers", so I'll be careful. It's cut about 1/2 way through, and I think I should be able to finish it this weekend.
  • Filing and clean-up. Always have this kind of work.
  • Adding an article to would be nice as well.

I think that's enough. I'm sweating just thinking about it all. I'll get in some good relaxation too. The weather should be nice, so maybe I'll get a couple of long walks in as well. And maybe post here.


Gary said...

Are the Arkansas blackberries as good as the ones that grow around Salt Pond?

David A. Todd said...

I last picked Salt Pond area blackberries over 40 years ago, and while the picking stays with me, the taste hasn't. But I kind of think the best tasting blackberries are the ones you're picking at the moment. At our place in Bentonville we had great blackberried, both on our lot and nearby. Now, here in Bella Vista, we have this multiple acre blackberry patch nearby. Don't know who owns it (probably the original developer of Bella Vista), but it has sweet berries. Picked another 3 quarts yesterday.