Monday, July 12, 2010

Time Short for Writing

Yesterday I turned in my first article to If accepted, and I feel confident it will be, it should appear on the site in a week or so. Payment is supposed to come in not more than a month. I can sure use the payment. And I'm looking forward to the next assignment... long as they don't give me too tight of a deadline. I don't like to give much about my schedule on-line. I'm sure thieves/home invader professionals have set up Google alerts for the words "I'll be away", and then go after homes during that time and clear them out of all valuables. Yes, I'm sure these hoodlums have become quite tech-savvy.

But I'll go ahead and say it. I'll be away for a little over a week, on a 3500 mile road trip. I'll attend my 40th high school reunion back in Rhode Island, visit with family, visit with friends, and maybe see my sister on the way back. This will be the first of my h.s. reunions I'll have attended, and I'm looking forward to it.

I'm actually prepared to be disappointed in it, however. Our graduating class was about 700 people. Of those 80 some odd are on Facebook, and the report given on Facebook is that about 50 alumni will attend. Is it possible it will be that low? Perhaps that is only those from Facebook who are attending, and there will be many others. My best friends from school, who all live in RI, are ducking the main reunion in favor of a private get together of a few of us. Perhaps a lot of our class still live in RI, and for them the reunion doesn't hold much interest. Or they've been to them in the past and they don't feel the need to attend again.

Actually, I probably won't attend again. High school was not my favorite three years, for a variety of reasons. College was much more enjoyable for me. But I want to see of those I haven't seen in 40 years one last time. I can't explain it, but I want to be there. I think that will satisfy me. There are fewer reasons to visit RI the older I get. Who knows when the next time will be.

I obviously won't be on line much for the next week. I may work on some draft posts for this blog. I have five book review type posts to do, and a few writing ones. No shortage of things to write about, just little time. Still, if the opportunity arises, I'll try to get on line and post an update. While I have few readers here, I want to give you all reasons to keep coming back.

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