Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dead Tired, but Carrying On

As I mentioned in other posts, we had water damage to our walk-out basement due to a leaking hot water heater. Insurance covers all but the hot water heater itself and, of course, a deductible. We decided to also have the insurance company look at some water damage to the downstairs ceiling, over the computer area in our large family room. Over a year ago the garbage disposal went out, pouring large amounts of water into the cabinet under the sink, all right about above the computer room.

The insurance company adjuster (or whatever his title is) did not think the water damage on the ceiling below came from the garbage disposal above, however. He found a number of other places in the ceiling where there were smaller water stains, ones that we hadn't seen. They continued beyond the computer room into the downstairs bedroom. He thinks it's something to do with the air conditioning, since they seem to follow ductwork in the ceiling. So I guess I'll be calling our AC guy today to look at that. The insurance company says they cover everything, with another deductible, except for whatever repairs are needed to the ductwork.

With all this stuff going on, with bookshelves emptied and moved out of the family room, with end tables moved, with the general upheaval, Lynda thought it would be a good time to paint the family room, and the stairway walls from upstairs to down. I have to agree with her that this is a good time to do that. So last night when I got home from school we make a Wal-Mart run, bought the paint and a few newer painting tools than we had, and got to work. Still had to empty and move three bookcases along my target wall, cased that were past where the water damage was. By 11:30 PM that target wall was done, about 1/5 of the total room, I estimate.

I was sweaty and exhausted. Cleaned up tools and hands, then sat at the computer for 15 minutes playing a few mindless games to wind down. At that point I remembered I hadn't had any supper, but I really wasn't hungry, and went to bed without any. This morning my hands and fingers hurt, my legs are dead, my mind is tired, and I'm sure my lungs are full of fumes. And I'm only 1/5 of the way done, maybe a little less.

Obviously I'm not going to be getting much writing done for a while. Today I'm going to sign a contract with Buildipedia for a new article, due on the 23rd of August, and turn in my article series idea for next month. Beyond that, I don't seem much for a couple of weeks. Well, I also have Sunday school lessons to write; guess I'll keep up on that. And I don't see myself being able to do much reading during that time. Just finished a small biography of a long time Meade County Kansas resident, and it's time to see what's next on the reading pile, but that will have to wait.

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