Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deck Invasion

Yesterday was a better day at work. At least part of my mind has now followed me home and is no longer in southwestern Kansas. I got more done at work than I did the three days I worked last week. In off hours I was able to better concentrate on writing tasks, and did required brainstorming of a new article series for Buildipedia and began drafting a new article for Suite 101.

Most of the evening was quiet. I tackled family finances, getting all debits from our trip entered, the checkbook added, and a few bills paid. I read forty pages in a book we picked up at Meade, Tales of a Sod House Baby. It was all quite enjoyable.

As I was sitting in my reading chair in the living room, about 10:30 PM, I heard noises behind my head. They sounded like they were in the exterior wall of the house, and I thought we might have mice in there. The sounds were repeated, and I was able to distinguish the noise was out on the deck, a critter of some sort, kind of loud. It persisted for a couple of minutes. Finally I told Lynda (who hadn't heard it), got up from the chair and turned the exterior lights on. Two raccoons were there, now fixated by the light and not doing much but stand still. I saw movement over to the left; four more raccoons were over by the bird seed and water.

It's not enough that we have to feed the squirrels as a consequence of trying to feed the birds. Now we have to feed the raccoons too? Six of 'em at one time? I suppose that's what happens when you live in a thinly populated area. Our street includes about twenty platted lots, but only four houses have been built. The rest is all oak forest with a few pines, sassafras, hickory, pecan, and persimmons.

Having to chose between a fully populated neighborhood and raccoons and squirrels stealing the bird food, I guess I'll take the latter. Some day these lots will be built on, at least some of them. Our time in the woods will come to an end. But we'll enjoy it while we can.


Gary said...

Raccoons don't wear those face masks for no reason. Banditry is in their blood.

David A. Todd said...

Guess so. And I forgot to mention that our deck is 20 feet or more above adjacent ground, with no exterior stairs. Quite the climbers these critters.