Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Flesh is Weaker Still

Last night the last of the work was completed in The Dungeon. Well, the last required of outside workers, that is. It and the family room are still mostly empty. The heaviest pieces, such as the roll top desk, the couch, and the love seat are in place. Still to be moved are the 13 bookcases, all the books, end tables and lamps, second computer desk, two work tables, and non-functioning treadmill. Maybe I'll leave that one in the storeroom.

While the last of the work was being done last night, I spent the time with paperwork clean-up upstairs. Much older correspondence and miscellaneous writings brought home from the office when the office moved last November were in a box, waiting for my action. Last night I got most of them sorted and ready for filing and maybe back side copying. I noted some duplication, so guess I'll go through them page by page after sorting to cull. I estimate 500 pages.

While I have recovered from the weekend labors, my right arm and wrist hasn't recovered, and my left wrist is getting worse. I don't know if this is rheumatoid or something else. The left wrist feels like it could be either rheumatoid or osteo. The right is much worse and feels like it could be pinched nerves or even more serious. I've already had the carpal tunnel operation on that hand. And that's the hand that was damaged while I played softball in Saudi Arabia back in 1982, requiring surgery at the Abdullah Fouad Hospital in Dammam. Although I'm left handed, I learned to use the mouse right handed. Maybe it's a combination of those.

Typing is so painful I must close quickly. Spent a lot of time on the computer yesterday, trying to fix a floodplain model that I thought others had correct. Today is a day of meetings, little computer. Maybe that will help. Writing is a dream right now.


Gary said...

Dave, you should look into speech recognition software and save yourself some wrist pain. Dragon (Nuance Software) has been a leader in the field and there re others. Not used it, but it has a well-established niche.

Gary said...

Check out physical therapy too. I'm getting treated for a pinched nerve in my neck and it's made a big difference.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're doing okay. I would definitely check into some treatment options if it continues to be a painful problem. In reference to Gary's mention of the Dragon software, I am a medical transcriptionist and know a few doctors who use it. Some self edit while others let their secretaries or transcriptionists do so. Some that I know have tried and hated it. Either way, it never hurts to try something different. It may work for you and keep you from typing so much and being in pain. Good luck with your writing, and everything else. Take care.