Friday, March 18, 2011

A Few More Tasks During this Time

As I mentioned in the last two posts, I'm in an interim time presently. Documenting America is done; the next project is to be decided. During this time I'll be proofreading Documenting America, working on my income taxes (okay, not writing related except for my writing income and expenses), and deciding on my next writing project.

However, as I've thought about it, that's not the only things this writer will have to accomplish over the next month. Here's a few more I've thought of.
  • File my many source documents for Documenting America. I printed off a lot of pages of as many as twenty documents. These are in piles here, piles there, in my carry to work portfolio, and some who knows where. I have a small hanging file box ready for these, so this should be a relatively quick project. File the obvious ones immediately, and move the others there as I find them.
  • Set up my writer's web site. My son has been bugging me to get this done, says he'll even help me. Said if I made him an administrator he would be able to do updates. And he promised not to post any communist/socialist propaganda on there. This is something I know I need to do. With freelance work in four different publications, engineering articles in three others, plus a few newspaper features, I need to get this done, now especially that I have "Mom's Letter" up for sale. I haven't felt like going to the monthly hosting expense until I was really, really sure I needed it. I think it's time, probably past time.
  • Format "Mom's Letter" for the Nook reader, and any other e-reader (Sony, Apple) that could generate a sale or two, and get it listed.
  • Related to that last one, some better research into the whole self-publishing arena. I've crossed the first hurdle in Kindle eSP, but I've far from mastered it. The other e-readers may all support Pubit, which would be nice. Then there's the paper self-publishing as print on demand books. There's a couple of different platforms available: Smashwords and CreateSpace are the two I know by name, but much more research is needed. After Documenting America goes up as an e-book, I plan to make it a POD book. Plus others in the future.
As I said, I've no shortage of things to do. None of this is going to be done quickly, and income taxes take precedence over all things writing, with my proofreading tasks holding second place. It's good for me to list these, however, lest I think I have some free time available and goof off.

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