Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Other Writing Projects

Well, I received a couple of comments to my post about the next writing project. Still looking for more, is anyone else wants to make a suggestion.

Writing is fairly far from my mind right now. The siege is on at work. I'm working late, late into the evening on flood studies and water line construction and drainage fixes. I have a hump of work to get over. Once that's done, maybe I can get back to writing. For now about all I have time for in the evening is to proof-read a chapter or two in Documenting America and do the early work on income taxes. I don't have the energy or desire to read for research, or outline a project, or write even 500 words on a project.

But this too shall pass, and before long I'll be writing again (something other than quick blog posts, that is). In anticipation of that, I'm still brainstorming writing. In addition to the projects I mentioned in my post on 14 March, I have a couple of other directions open to me. These are:
  • Format Doctor Luke's Assistant for self-publishing, first as an e-book but then as a print-on-demand book. I could read it again, but I think it's ready for this next step.
  • Expand Life on a Yo Yo small group study into a short book, and POD-self-publish it. Because of illustrations, it won't work as an e-book unless I know html, which I don't.
  • Expand The Dynamic Duo small group study into a short book, and POD-self-publish it. Same deal about illustrations.
  • Expand Sacred Moments small group into a short book, and POD-self-publish it. Same deal about illustrations. Are you sensing a pattern here?
  • Take my Isaiah small group study notes and build it into a book of some as of yet undermined length, and e-self-publish it. I can't remember how extensive my notes are. I know I prepared a few sheets for the class, but will have to look and see what I have.
  • Begin work on another small group study I've been pondering, From Slavery To Nationhood, a study of Israel's wandering in the desert, plus before and after. I've been thinking about this one for a long time.
  • Begin work on Volume 2 of Documenting America. Strike while the iron is hot, that sort of thing. I've developed a rhythm of sorts, and might be able to churn out another in the brand with less work than any of these other projects. This one is also tempting. In writing volume 1 I have come across many things I've bookmarked to go in volume 2. This one is also tempting.
So, I have no shortage of projects to chose between. And I'd appreciate any reader's thoughts on these projects.

Look out writing world. As soon as this work hump is over, I'll be back.

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