Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things I Don't Understand

How my blood sugar can be 122 before a late supper, 127 at bedtime (3 hours after supper), take a higher Lantus dose as recommended by the doctor, do nothing for the next 5.75 hours but sleep and pee (not at the same time), and have my morning blood sugar 165. What's going on? Do I have a very slowly acting metabolism? Did I have a stressful dream I don't remember?

Why the note I just posted to Facebook shows up on my profile but not in my news feed.

Why Google chose to de-rate in their last algorithm update, so much so that I make almost nothing there now.

Why I procrastinated getting abstracts in for the Feb 2012 erosion control conference so that now I have only two days to get 'em done.

Why this company I work for (actually just the chairman) thinks I can write a bio paragraph for some project they are going after without knowing anything about the project or the form of the proposal.

Why my e-short story and e-book have each sold only three copies. Actually, I know the why to this one: the lack of promotion to make them stand out from the Kindle clutter.

Why I still have that desire to be published by a traditional publisher, knowing the odds of that ever happening.

Why almost no one in my family give a rat's whisker about anything I write.

Why my rheumatoid arthritis seems to be getting worse as I lose weight.

Why my beta readers totally failed to do what they said they would do on Documenting America. I had zero beta reader response before I went to e-publish.

Why I can't concentrate on engineering today.


Gary said...

Dave, I can beta read if you still need a set of eyes.

David A. Todd said...

Thanks, Gary. I didn't want to call on you because you've done so much for me already. I'll send you a MS Word file of Documenting America tonight when I get home. Not bad reading for Memorial Day weekend.