Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book Review: The Savage Nation

I'm not sure where I picked this one up, but it cost me 50 cents. Probably at a thrift store, based on the label. On occasion I pick up Michael Savage's talk show on the radio while driving home. He is an enigma among talk show hosts. Sometimes he says the most reasonable things, or gets off on "soft" subjects such as restaurants or bike rides, yet at other times he goes off the deep end worse than any other talk show host. But I say this in this favor: He always makes you think, is always provocative.

So when I had a chance to pick up his The Savage Nation [2002, Plume Books, ISBN 0-7852-6353-5] at a bargain I thought it would be worthwhile.

I wasted my four bits.

It is an awful book. Statements out of context. Premises made and not backed up. Rants that are close to incoherent. Poor flow of thoughts. Silly breakdown of chapters.

This is all based on my reading 37 pages of the 220 in the book. I'm not reading any more. I'll chalk it up to spendthrift ways. Don't buy it, even for 50 cents. Don't waste your time.

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