Monday, August 1, 2011

Excuses and Factors Revisited

Let's see, my last two posts to this blog—actually my last four posts—were excuses of why my writing production has not been higher, and tacitly why I haven't been making more posts here. One was my tick-borne disease, ehlichiosis. This did indeed slow me down. It's still slowing me down, as I'm not moving as fast as I used to, still have stiffness and pain in my neck. It's improving, but I'm not there yet.

Then there was the Ephraim Factor. I'm sorry, guys, but time with grandson #1 was more important than writing or keeping up with this blog, or any blog. We had a great time, watching Veggie Tails and Winnie the Pooh, reading books, playing Runaway Pillow and T-Rex this or Unintelligible that. But he's gone now, along with the wife, safely in Oklahoma City, giving me a quite house with nothing to do but vacuum up some spilled food, wash and put away a few dirty dishes, wipe down the spills of a 3-year old from the kitchen table, and get back to writing.

Then there's the "what the heck do I do with two blogs" factor. At friend Gary's suggestion, I added an RSS feed of each blog to the other. So the posts I make on one blog are linked to the other automatically. That means readers of An Arrow Through The Air can, if they look at the RSS feed, get to my writer's blog by the links, or at least see that I'm active there.

That doesn't fully solve the dilemma of whether to keep the two blogs or, if I keep them both, what kinds of posts to make to each. But I suppose I don't have to solve that problem yet. I posted a political piece earlier today to The Senescent Man blog. I've posted here. Time to hop on over to my writer's blog and post about my writing routines. And where these three paths in the woods will lead, whether they diverge or converge converge, still remains to be seen.

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