Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Candy Store Generation – Second Version of Cover

My friend from Suite101 who is doing this cover for me seems to be enjoying herself. I gave her some comments, including those you all gave me on this blog last week, and she has come up with this revision.

Whaddaya think?

Here's a link to the first draft, in case you didn't see it or just want to see it again.


Joe Pote said...

I like it!

Eye-catching, and let's the reader know, immediately, what the book is about.

storyweaver said...

There you go, Dave. Very nice. Just what it needed.

Poppy-Poet/Writer said...

I like it, too. The subtitle, of course, makes it clear what the book is about, but the dollar signs on the white jellybeans give it that little extra something. :)