Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Days of Free Book Promotion on Kindle

Today I began a 5-day free promotion of  Doctor Luke's Assistant at the Amazon Kindle Store. I can do this because I enrolled DLA in the Kindle Select program. That allows five free days in the 90 enrollment term. I decided to do all at once and see what happens.
Before the promo I had sold one copy of DLA, back in April. For the month of June I'd sold no books at all. The promo began at midnight Pacific Time. When I checked this morning, about 7:15 Central Time, there had been 46 free downloads in the US and 2 in the UK. Right now (8:30 Central Time) there have been 110 free downloads in the US and 3 in the UK. No sales of other items yet. It's listed as #15 among free downloads in the category Kindle eBooks>Fiction>Religion>Historical. But, there's only 15 books total listed. I guess that's how many are on a free promo at present.

The whole idea of a free promo is to generate some interest in the promoted book and anything else the author has for sale. Hopefully the free downloads will actually be read, and some people will post a review. Those reviews are what helps drive sales. So far DLA has two 5-star reviews, both from people to whom I gave advanced reader copies.

The jury is still out on whether the Amazon Select program is good for authors. One of my friends has received significant payment from loaned books through that program. So far I no one has borrowed DLA. Maybe someone will after the free promo is over. My thought is I probably won't re-enroll it for another 90 days, but we'll see. Perhaps the promo will change my mind.

At least my first novel is now in the hands of...119 potential readers. I won't make any immediate money on that, but have those potential readers is exciting.

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