Friday, June 29, 2012

Ebb and Flow

I wish I knew why some days I'm so motivated and some days I'm so dull.

Today is a dull day. I have to do something at work I don't want to do. It's not a bad thing; it's just something I had hoped I'd put behind me ten to twelve years ago, and now I find I have to do it occasionally for the next 5 years, 6 months, and 2 days. I have it half done, but can't find someone who has to explain the other part of it to me.

Yesterday evening at home I found myself listless. The night before that I scratched my left eye and couldn't work for a while. It had healed by the time I was home from work yesterday. My main project for the evening was to write the questions for two or three more chapters in the homeschooling edition of Documenting America, as well as type the questions already written for a few other chapters.

As part of the homeschooling pages, I'm providing links to the full source documents, and maybe to a short biography of the author. I couldn't find a link to the sources for the chapter I was to type next, causing me to flounder. An hour later I had a work-around, and had completed one chapter when I'd hoped to type three or four. At that point I left The Dungeon.

Back upstairs I tried to do the other part of my goal. The first chapter proved difficult to write questions for. This was really the first (after twenty-four completed) that was difficult. Questions for the others just rolled out. I finished it, started the next, and found it as difficult. I concluded it must
be my energy level or interest level or something similar—something in me, not in the chapters. So I set it aside and quit writing work earlier than expected.

Today is a similar day. I'm getting stuff done at work, but could be doing more. My energy level is down. Possibly I'm in a sleep deficit. Or maybe it's that, due to the high temperatures (95 last week; 100+ this week) I haven't been walking and it's lack of physical activity affecting my mindset.

I think this noon hour I'll walk. Since it will be 102 out, maybe just a 10 minute walk. I'll be sweating greatly when I get in, but will have time to cool down before starting work afterwards. Maybe that will help with my outlook.

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