Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Pleasant Sunday

What has gone right today?
  • We got to church on time.
  • I remembered to write and bring a tithe check for some writing and other miscellaneous earnings.
  • Our pastor preached a wonderful sermon on the power of prayer, from James 5, tying in passages from Revelation, and pointing out things I hadn't thought of before. Despite attendance being down due to the holiday weekend, I was encouraged by the service.
  • We had a good Life Group session. Again, attendance was down, so we talked a long time of just talking before getting into the lesson. That was short, but good.
  • Lynda and I ate out with her mom; Famous Dave's bar-b-que, quite delicious.
  • While the ladies went shopping for shoes, I walked over to Barnes & Noble and had a nice time of browsing, reading in a newish book about Robert Frost, and drinking a venti house blend.
  • And now I'm in The Dungeon, writing blog posts, and preparing to work on an e-zine article.
  • I also spent a little time on my household budget, on which I'm desperately far behind.
  • And I have the day off tomorrow.
What has gone wrong today?

Actually, I can't think of anything. It's a bit too hot to walk, at least comfortably, so I suppose that's a negative. I've wasted a little time playing mindless computer games, but it has been restful recreation. I probably read a little too much on Facebook, also restful recreation.

I don't think I'll finish the e-zine article today, but I'll make a start on it. There's no deadline. I promised the editor I'd write a few articles for her, and it's time to fulfill my promise, since I'm between other writing projects. Other than that, if I spend any time writing today, it will actually be on promotion of the works I have already published.

To close out the good day, a couple—no, actually three—book await me to read a few more pages in them. What a great way to close out a wonderful Lord's Day.

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