Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finding Meaning in the Ordinary

Once again, our pastor gave a powerful message on finding meaning in ordinary occupations. He used the biblical examples of the calling of the fishermen in Luke chapter 5, and the two callings of Matthew (Levi) and Zaccheus for illustrations of the principles.

The fishermen had a mundane career, with some danger involved. Their business was taking something that was alive, catching and killing it and making it available for consumption. After Jesus called them, their job was just the opposite: rescuing things from death and helping them to have a relationship with the Giver of Life.

In the case of Zaccheus, his job was to collaborate with the hated Romans, collecting taxes from them and profiting from the corruption of the system. Zaccheus was essentially an extortionist to his fellow Jews. He met Jesus, and his life was changed. Who did Zaccheus need to help him on his new journey? Someone like Matthew, who had made the same journey a couple of years before. He had the same profession as Zaccheus, found Jesus, and had walked with him a while when that man came under the influence of the Master.

Pastor Mark's message was how do you know but that the calling you have, in a non-ministerial position, will have a huge influence over people's spiritual lives? He gave the example of a man in his former church who was sure he had a later-in-life call to preach. It turned out, after wise counsel, that he had vocational and avocational opportunities for ministry that he wasn't taking advantage of.

Good thoughts from our pastor.

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