Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christ is Risen

Today we completed the seven week study 24 Hours That Changed the World. It was a detailed look at the last day leading up to Jesus' crucifixion, and then today at the time just after his death leading up to His resurrection early on the first day of the week. I actually have one more chapter to read, one that I skipped when I was out of town on the week that was being discussed.

The study was good; the book was good, but not stellar. I'll post a review of the book sometime in the next two weeks. Our Life Group classes were extremely good. It's always easy to teach a class when those in it already know the material so well. We had some lively discussions over the last seven weeks. Only once (when I was there; I missed two) did we have a disagreement. That was when I followed something that was in the book and a class member strongly objected to it.

I'm also mindful that, as I've posted on this blog before, Easter is my spiritual birthday, so among the many reasons to celebrate on this day, that really stands out for me.

Life has had many twists and turns since that day in 1974. My walk has not be consistent. I've had times of questioning, but they never grew into doubt. I've had times of not seeking God earnestly, but they never turned into a break in relationship. I've had times of not much caring whether I was in church or not, but they never turned into breaks in fellowship. Praise God for all of that.

So I come down to near the end of this special day, my heart full and my mind active, anticipating what God has to offer me in the coming years. I close this posts with those words from the John Peterson hymn, which has recently been re-done with a modern tune:
Living He loved me,
dying He saved me,
buried He carried
my sins far away.
Rising He justified,
freely forever.
One day He's coming
Oh glorious day.

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