Thursday, March 14, 2013

So Hard to Blog Regularly

Has it really been Sunday since I posted here? I had such good intentions. I was going to post at my writing blog Monday, here Tuesday, there Wednesday, here Thursday. Well Thursday has come, and this is the first post I've done in either of them.

Why is it so hard to blog regularly? I have things I want to write, perhaps not of great interest to the world, but stuff I want to say. I suppose it's that other things seem so much more important when I wake in the morning and drive to work. I sometimes write and post something in the before-work hour at the office. Lately, however, I'm reading in and adding to my Harmony of the Gospels. That seems more important than blogging.

On breaks I've been either keeping up with Facebook and e-mail or pursuing my Thomas Carlyle studies. The noon hour is about 3/4 taken up with heating and eating lunch and my walk. Those 15 minutes remaining would be enough time to write a post, but somehow I never get it done.

When I come home in the evenings there's always something to do. Bills, budgeting, filing, tracking medical expenses—these all take time. The TV is almost always on in the background, which helps to diminish concentration. If I have an hour I try to work on China Tour, though that time hasn't come to hand much recently. I look around at my work space in The Dungeon, and can see I have hours and hours of work just organizing papers. Monday some credit card issues prevented me from doing any writing of significance. Being sick to my stomach Tuesday evening didn't help much either.

Now income tax time is upon me and I must be about that business. I have a cover designer for a print version of Doctor Luke's Assistant, and somehow need to carve out two hours to do the formatting for that. I need to find a cover designer for the print In Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People.

Ah, well, I'm starting to sound like Thomas Carlyle, making excuses. Just about every one of his letters begins with a lengthy paragraph about how awful he was not to have written to the person sooner. He found thousands of ways to say, "Sorry I'm so late in responding."

All these things somehow seem more important than blogging, but I'll keep posting. I have ideas for at least eight posts. Hopefully I can write three a week for a while, though I'd prefer four. We'll see.

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vero said...

Keep blogging. It's your legacy.