Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Still Dreaming

Of better times, when I have plenty of time to write, and not stealing time from other necessities just to get another 500 words down the road.

Of book sales. My dreams have changed. Once they were of numbers with many zeroes after them. Now they are in the range of double digits a month—for all books, not per book.

Of hoards of fans who are waiting for my next book, anxiously following blog posts and Facebook author page posts to know the progress of my work and when the next item will be available.

Of time to read that is measured in hours per day, not minutes.

Of acquiring the skills needed, artistic and graphic design, to be able to do my own covers, thus not having to beg and borrow them from people. Or, when I have enough money to just hire them done.

Of having poetry come to me again.

Of finding enough hours in the day, day after day, where I can see truth in Emerson's adage, "There is time enough for all that I must do."

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