Saturday, October 25, 2008


This has been a very busy Saturday, raking leaves, cutting deadfall, trying to get a riding mower started, buying groceries. I'm much too tired to do much right now.

Last night I spent a lot of time on the Thomas Carlyle letters to Leigh Hunt, specifically one where Carlyle discussed poetry. Ideas for an essay came to me, and I began some notes and even some writing of the essay. Tonight I'm just going to read in the next book on my list.

A high note for the day was buying gasoline for $2.109 per gallon, the lowest it's been here in over 3 years, if I remember correctly. Then, when we were at another part of town, I saw a gas station manager change their price to $2.099 per gallon. They are not the lowest station in town, so I suspect at the Murphy Oil on the Wal-Mart outlot it was probably about $2.069. Way to go, Congress, for ending the prohibition on offshore drilling, which is depressing the futures market, which is coming back to the current price.

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