Thursday, October 2, 2008

October Goals

While I am in this maintenance time, my goals will be modest.

1. Attend 1 meeting of my critique group. It will meet three times this month, but I'm not sure I want to devote six hours (or ten hours including driving) to this activity this month.

2. Complete my submission log. I came close a couple of months ago. An hour should suffice for this.

3. Contact the editor who has had The Screwtape Letters study guide, mailed three months ago today.

4. Continue to cull through the many writing-help items I have printed from Internet sites. Read or scan as appropriate, and discard anything not absolutely essential.

5. Add a few (say three or four) posts to the poetry workshop I started at the Absolute Write poetry discussion forum.

6. Gather all my writing, all the scraps and sheets that contain things as small as haiku or as long as chapters, into one place and file them as appropriate. I'm not really too far from having this done. I think three hours might be enough.

7. Plod along, as time, energy, and motivation allow, on three writing projects: the Elijah and Elisha Bible study; In Front Of Fifty Thousand Screaming People (maybe write one more chapter); and the Documenting America column. Although I'm not planning to market it at this time, I don't want to abandon it totally.

That's enough. I may possibly come back and edit in another one or two if I think of something.

ETA: Shame on me; saw one right away.

8. Post 10 to 12 times to this blog.

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