Friday, January 2, 2009

The December Report

December was an extremely busy month, even with ducking one Christmas party and a New Year's Eve party being cancelled. We had company from Dec 23 to Dec 30, in two waves. Lynda was out of town for a while, helping with baby Ephraim in Oklahoma City. So I accomplished little on my writing career, other than keeping up with a few web sites and the few things I'll write below.

1. Blog 10 to 12 times. I did this, blogging 13 times.

2. Finish some more filing/organization of writing material. I thought I had finished this, except for buying file folders and filling them. Last night I bought those and filled them. However, I remembered I had a stack of writing stuff at work that I need to bring home and file. So I guess I'm not done yet. Writing seems to be a kind of paper chase. I did this. I can finally, honestly say that I have no loose papers lying around waiting to be put in their place. This is a very good feeling and, while I don't anticipate generating many more writing papers, I hope I will at least have the habit of filing them immediately, and not let the clutter return.

3. More work on Life on a Yo Yo Life Group lesson series, which I begin teaching January 4. I did NOT do this. The lesson series is well planned, and for each lesson I have notes. I will begin intensive work on the first lesson tonight, only two days before teaching it.

4. See if I can flesh out the brainstorming work on the short Life Group lesson series from the Apocrypha. I looked at it a little last night, and unless I get something down on paper, I'm not sure I'll have a legitimate series. I did some work on this, but am not finished. I did write some things. I'm not sure at this stage if the concept is valid; I need some more development work.

5. Buy one writing magazine, as a Christmas present to myself, and read it. Rather than buy a magazine, I went to Barnes & Noble one evening and read several.

6. Continue to work down my reading list. Since the book I'm currently reading is 736 pages, and I'm only on page 165, this may take all month. I found other things to read than my main book (although last night I reached page 283). I read some in Dickens's Christmas stories.

7. Complete the review I've started of Macaulay's essay on Ranke's History of the Popes. I did nothing on this. It still sits on the computer at home, waiting for me to find an odd hour to complete my last thoughts.

So there you have it; a rather unproductive month overall, but probably as much as I could expect for a holiday season.

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