Friday, January 2, 2009

January Goals

Again this month, my writing goals will be few, and not terribly difficult to achieve. I have much to do in other areas of life, and time for writing is unlikely to materialize this month. Here they are.

1. Blog 10 to 12 times.

2. Complete my review essay of T.B. Macaulay's essay on the History of the Popes.

3. Return to typing the Harmony of the Gospels I wrote in manuscript over a several year period. If I finish the typing this month--and that is easily possible, I can start the editing process next month, including adding a bunch of notes.

4. Come close to finishing my current reading project, The Powers That Be, by David Halberstam. Only 453 pages to go as of last night.

5. Work on Life On A Yo Yo, which I begin teaching this coming Sunday, as a publishable Bible study.

6. Monitor five websites regularly. These are:
- Absolute Write, the Water Cooler
- Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent
- The Writing Life, by Terry Whalin, Literary Agent
- Advanced Fiction Writing, by Randy Ingermanson
- So You Want to Be Published, by Mary DeMuth

7. Critique 5-10 poems at various places, both public and private. This is probably an affectation, as poetry is a dead end for publishing and my limited writing time would be better used elsewhere, but it brings enjoyment to me and maybe help to others, so I'll return to it in a small way.

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