Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Bit Under the Weather

I intended to post something yesterday, but found myself with a touch of illness. It hit me about 9:00 AM, a queasy feeling in the stomach, a bit of pressure behind the eyes, and a blah feeling physically. I thought of flue or a summer cold.

Despite this, my mind was engaged at work. I'm writing the technical report on the flood study I've been working on forever, and for which I finally a week or two ago finished the computer analyses. The report is writing, which is enjoyable, and I look at this technical writing as a new challenge, to be a little more creative than I used to be, to avoid passive voice as much as possible, and to learn to say in seven words what used to take me ten words. My mind seemed sharp and I was getting some good stuff written, so although my body screamed "go home" I decided to stick it out. I did not walk my laps at noon, however.

In the evening I didn't feel like trying to learn more about search engine optimization (SEO), which I really need to do to begin earning some money at However, study seemed too tiring, so instead I wrote a Bible study article for Suite 101, on the timeline discrepancy in the life of King Asa of Judah. I had studied this a few months ago and had come up with some thoughts I thought would be worthy of an article, so I wrote it in about 90 minutes, including looking for some elusive sources I had electronically misplaced. It's now up and live, my 18th article at Suite.

After posting the article, I continued in my study of Asa. In three weeks I will teach the first two lessons in my series Good King, Bad King to our life group. Both of these will be on Asa, who was very good in his early years then turned bad in his later years, an unfortunately too common problem with Jewish kings. I was able to make progress on the lesson plan for both lessons. I think I could teach them both right now. All I lack is finishing the student handouts I want to have.

Not sure what today will bring. I'm feeling better for sure, but not 100 percent. The flood study report still awaits my words, tables, and figure. And the electronic files still want me to pick through them and get rid of all the extraneous stuff. So I'll have a full day. I hope also to get an engineering article posted at Suite 101.

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