Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Progress in Tasks, but not Much in Learning

Well, the Planning Commission meeting last night was not as long as was expected by the City. One or two items were pulled from the agenda, and I was up to the podium about 7:20 PM, done at 7:40 PM, home just after 8:00 PM. I now get to pull together the FEMA submittal. I'll set a goal of one week from today for sending that in to the City. I can't remember if the legal advertisement goes in the newspaper before or after the submittal to FEMA.

Last night I really didn't feel like writing. Not sure what was going on. I had eaten before the meeting (half-price night at Sonic), so gathered up my financial records to enter in my budgeting/planning spreadsheet. But I didn't feel like doing that task. Got on my user page at and had a pleasant surprise: I had a record revenue day: $0.72! Whoopee! That brings my average per 1000 page views up to work out to about $90 a year if I don't post anything else. Two or three tanks of gas is nothing to sneeze at.

That should have spurred me on to writing. But instead I began climbing up the learning curve at Flickr. I think I understand that, and will begin using some of the photos there. I have two articles for Suite in the writing stage, and about six others somewhat planned. Hopefully I'll get back to these tonight.

What I decided to do next was join Facebook. Everyone says you have to be on a social network. You have to promote yourself (but don't abuse your friends on the network; be a friend first and a self-promoter second). So I went ahead and did it. I had a fair amount of difficulty registering. My screen partially locked up and I wound up putting in my high school and employer three times each. I managed to delete the two bogus ones, and began looking for friends. I published one short item, but did so before I had any friends. Hopefully it shows up on my "wall".

One more learning curve to climb. I'm determined not to let this become a time sink. I'm not even going to try to log on to Facebook from the office; I imagine it's blocked anyway. Tonight I'll set a time limit, say 15 minutes to learn a little more about it, then I'll need to write an article, wash it through an SEO tool, lace it with apt images, post it, and wait for the revenue to roll in.


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