Monday, August 10, 2009

Debate Almost Over: Probably No to

I didn't get much time during the weeked to consider my inner debate from last week about whether to apply to to be the Christianity Examiner for Northwest Arkansas. The time wasn't there. I don't much remember what I did Friday evening, but I wasn't on the computer much. I think I was close to brain dead after an intensive week at work, and just read for the evening. On Saturday I did the usual yard work in the morning, got tuckered out doing it, and did things in the house at diminished capacity. With Lynda laid up with a cold (or possibly flue), I was chief cook and bottle-washer for a few days. I worked on my latest article, but didn't post it. I also prepared to teach life group on Sunday.

Sunday morning, of course, was tied up with church and life group. Sunday afternoon I rested some, then tweaked and posted my article at Suite. I spent some time trying to figure out Facebook, but gave that up as a young person's game. I read, searching for my next article to post at Suite, but did not find it. I think my brain needed its Sabbath rest yesterday, and so I did little to enhance my writing career.

The evening included watching Shooter on A&E. This must have been in theatres some years ago, but I never heard of it before. I multi-tasked as I watched, having a new idea for a freelance article for a print genealogy magazine. Okay, it wasn't actually a new idea, but this is the first time I put it on paper. I didn't finish it (multi-tasking doesn't work well for me when the television is one of the tasks), but at least I got started.

All of which lead me to conclude by 12:30 AM Sunday (actually Monday) when I went to bed that there's no way I could adequately do what I'd want to with Examiner. Everything I've investigated tells me it would be an excellent platform-building pursuit, but I've neither sufficient hours in the day or brain power to do that at present.

I'll futz around with this debate a couple of days longer, but almost certainly I won't be adding Examiner to my too-full schedule. I'll revisit that decision every couple of months as I see where my writing career is heading, but probably it will be no for a while.

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