Sunday, August 2, 2009

The July Report

Okay, let's see how I did relative to my goals.

1. Blog at least 12 times. Did this. I think I was at 15 or so.

2. Post 15 articles at I beat this, posting 17.

3. Research, prepare, and submit 2 other freelance queries. I got the research done, but not the queries themselves. I drafted one but haven't yet sent it. I had to re-query one from the previous month, due to it being lost in that magazine's system.

4. Complete one set of passage notes for my Harmony of the Gospels. Got this done, as well as proofing and editing the appendix I almost finished in June.

5. Complete the first two lessons in Good King, Bad King (already started and maybe half-way done) and outline the full series. I can report only partial progress on this. I got the lessons done, and taught them last week and today. However, I have not yet outlined the rest of the series. I've brainstormed it a little, but brainstorming without getting something down on paper doesn't count.

6. For Life on a Yo Yo: Write a "sell sheet" for the Bible study; complete the first four lessons in publishable form. I totally dropped the ball on this, not even thinking about it all month. And it's not even in my draft goals for August. I may have to amend them.

7. Complete the new chapter of In Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People that I got half-way done in June. It would be nice to both complete that and start another chapter, but I'm not making that a goal, not with everything else I have going on. Plus, I'm a freelancer not, not a novelist. I did a little more work on chapter 7, but I cannot say it's done. I imagine it needs another hour or two to be called done. I sent the book as is on to a new beta reader who requested it. We'll see what he says.

So, I hit some things but missed others. All in all it was a productive month. I'll next post my goals for August, a month which I hope will be even more productive.

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