Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Ephraim Factor

This week I have been writing with the flow, on my Harmony of the Gospels. I completed passage notes for several passages, about one a day and sometimes two. I worked on the events of Tuesday of Holy Week, and pretty much finished them. This led me to the problem of the dinner held in Jesus' honor at Bethany. Was it six days before the Passover as John said, or was it two days before the Passover at Mark and Matthew say? Or was it two separate dinners with amazingly similar actions, except for the day?

When I wrote the harmony originally I decided on one dinner per John's timing, and I still agree with this. This, however, I had always planned to discuss in an appendix, which will have significantly more discussion than would the passage notes. So, going with the flow, I wrote the portion of that appendix that goes with dinner. The appendix will be a fair amount larger, and I'll work on that later. However, writing this appendix required more work than the passage notes, and I've spent the last two days reading other commentators for agreeing and disagreeing opinions on this. It's amazing what I found on Google Books.

Between this writing and Ephraim's arrival on Thursday I've neglected this blog. Yes, Sara and Ephraim drove here from Oklahoma City on Thursday to spend a few days with us. Sara is busy conducting Mary Kay parties, so grandma and grandpa have been baby-sitting. Yes, this blog will wait while Ephraim's here. He's down for a nap right now, which has allowed me to finish the writing in the appendix for the present, and write this blog.

Better go proofread what I wrote in the Harmony, then head upstairs to await Ephraim's wakening.

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