Monday, June 14, 2010

To Write or not to Write

I had a weekend that should have resulted in some major writing accomplishments. My wife is in Oklahoma City, helping the kids and grandkid out. My mother-in-law stayed at my house from Thursday through Saturday, because she had been having low blood sugar blackout. But by mid-day Saturday she was much better, and decided I should take her home. I did so, going on to the office to complete my Life Group lesson for Sunday. Saturday night I had to prepare some breakfast food to take to church Sunday, consuming an hour of time. Sunday was Life Groups and church and then home. I should have had an easy time of accomplishing much in the way of writing.

So what did I accomplish? In terms of writing, only the Life Group lesson, nicely presented on two sheets, in columns, with photographs, and lots of fill-in-the-blanks. In terms of enjoyment, much. I watched the USA-England draw in the World Cup on Saturday, punctuated by my weekly trip to Wal-Mart during the halftime and early second half, for groceries. And I read a couple of hundred pages in the book I purchased last Friday. It's a biography of John F. Kennedy that I hadn't seen before. I'm sure I'll post a review of it when I'm done.

I probably should have read more than 225 pages, but I watched four episodes of "Criminal Minds" and two of "Forensic Files". I enjoy both those shows. I read on the commercials, but I imagine if I hadn't spent those five hours with the TV (actually, six and a half hours including Germany vs. Australia), I might have come close to finishing the book.

But I really should have been writing. I could have had more than ten glorious hours of word-smithing. Sunday late-afternoon I went to The Dungeon intending to do some writing, but got in front of the monitor, fingers on keyboard, and couldn't write. It's not writer's block, for I had plenty of ideas. It was more, "Why am I bothering? Am I ever going to sell anything?" And I decided to not waste my time on that.

I don't know what I'm going to do. I imagine this funk won't last forever, and I'll be back writing again. Meanwhile I'm committed to this series of Bible study lessons, and will write that weekly. I shared a synopsis of my China Tour novel with our Life Group on Sunday, and everyone said it was a book they would buy and read. So I'll continue on. But man, it's difficult right now.


Richard said...

I haven't been on the blog-o-sphere for quite a while, just thought I would check in. I understand the lack of motivation - I have been quite busy, but should have accomplished much more toward my first D.Min project (30 - 40 page write up) than where I stand currently. I have a deadline - it has to be complete by the end of the month - that has become the impetus to get back at the grindstone... I don't have an answer to your current malaise, besides finding a goal other than being published, which I would imagine could be quite difficult, since that is the dream of most writers. Regardless, I'm sure that your work will be a treasure in your family for generations to come... hope you have a great week.

~ Richard

Gary said...

Sounds like a case of thinking more like an engineer than an artist. Too much future-goal orientation and not enough present enjoyment of process. Chill, dude. It's okay to be a technician but ya gotta have some soul, too.

David A. Todd said...


Nice to see you back on line, and commenting here. I know the kind of time crunch you are under. Good luck on your project. You know I'm always available for distance editing.

As to my work being "a treasure in your family for generations to come", that is highly unlikely. I have one and only one family member (thank you) who gives a blank about anything I write while I'm alive. I don't see that changing after I assume room temperature.


David A. Todd said...


Maybe it is thinking like an engineer. I suppose artistic tendencies in my may have peaked, and I may be reverting to background behavior and characteristics.