Monday, June 28, 2010

A Week of Expectations

Well, a number of projects from last week remain loose today, part of the mix of things that need to be done. One is the stock trade I wrote about on Friday morning. It's a trade that should make money as the market goes down. The market went up on Friday and the trade lost ground, though not terribly so. The market went down today, but the trade still lost a little ground, perhaps due to option time decay. My assessment of market direction appears to be correct, but I may have waited too long to trigger the trade and lost more of the trend than I hoped.

Engineering-wise, I have a flood study to work on this week--two flood studies actually. I have a smattering of miscellaneous stuff to do as well, but the flood study will dominate. It would be nice to have the entire 2.75 miles of waterway keyed in and initial runs made by the end of the week. I'll have to have a little CAD help to do so, but it is doable. The one thing in my favor is the cross-sections are all short. It's a narrow waterway, and only five culverts to model. We'll see how it goes, but I'm optimistic.

Also engineering related, this is the week I should hear on the proposals I turned in for presenting papers at the national erosion control conference in Orlando next February. At most only two will be accepted, so submitting three ideas was to improve my chances of having two accepted. Wednesday is the day they are supposed to notify us by.

Writing-wise, I've already begun work on the first article I will submit to Buildipedia. I won't finish it till I talk with the editor and get a better feel for the style they want. From reviewing the site I believe I will be okay with what I'm planning. These articles will take considerably longer to write than those I do for, but then they pay considerably more. This is a bit of an experiment, maybe even a gamble, but certainly a risk. I approach the week optimistic that it's going to work out.

And in personal matters, I'm in the last big push to lose a few more pounds before I meet my classmates of 40 years ago in three weeks. It seems no matter what I do I don't lose any more. On Saturday I picked blackberries (3 quarts) in the heat for a couple of hours, and ate only what I'm supposed to eat, yet this week I was barely down from last week. I must have breathed some heavy air along the way. I shall have to go on my dad's diet: only water, and that just to wash in.

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