Friday, March 27, 2009

Back, and Back to Normal

Yes, following my sickness of last week (food poisoning), I'm back to normal. All body functions functioning as they should, the pounds rapidly lost are back on again--and then some, and my energy level is as it should be. This weekend I should be able to tackle some projects.

And I'm back home after a three day conference in Kansas City. This was Urban Water Management 09. I presented a technical paper on stormwater pumping, and chaired a technical session. The conference was somewhat poorly attended, especially on the first day (when I presented my paper). This is my third stormwater conference to attend, and I found few of the exhibitors had anything new to show me. I'll need to sit out a year or two of going to these things.

And I'm back home to an empty house. Lynda is still in Oklahoma City, watching the grandson while our daughter has gone to Kansas City herself for a conference. I hope the old lady is up to the work for these four days. Ephraim's dad is there, and his sister, so it's not as if Lynda is alone and without help. It will be good to have her back, probably on Monday. I suppose that means I'll have to do my own laundry this weekend, as the draws and closet are getting a bit empty.

I got back yesterday afternoon in time to do a little work at the office. After work I made my pilgrimage to Barnes and Noble where I drank a large house blend, researched in World War 2 magazines, and purchased, off the remainders table, a C.S. Lewis book I hadn't seen before. I add this to two volumes I picked up in Kansas City at a discount bookstore. One was selected letters of J.R.R. Tolkein; many of them concern his literary life. The other was selected letters of C.S. Lewis; these are his letters to various correspondents wherein he gave spiritual advice. These three books will not go on the top of the reading pile, though I reads some in each of them over the last two days, reducing what had been good progress in Letters From Hawaii.

Last night I e-mailed a query to the target magazine for the story of my dad's time with The Stars and Stripes. It's a perfect story for that mag, so I'm hopeful. This is my first submittal of 2009.

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