Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Report

It's time for my monthly report, when I consider how I did in my writing relative to my goals set at the beginning of the month. I was somewhat slowed down this month by my home computer deciding to have a boot error, being unusable for two weeks. I had another computer to monitor with, but not to type on.

1. Blog 10 to 12 times. Achieved this; I think I had 12 exactly.

2. Monitor the five blogs I've been monitoring on a regular basis. Achieved this. One of those five blogs has gone dormant, and one no longer seems relevant. I'm going to have to find two others or will cut back.

3. Complete as much of the Harmony of the gospels as I can. This will include:- All NIV footnotes entered- Formatting for reading completed- Introduction written and typed- Passage notes cleaned up and typed for a few key passages- Appendixes identified, and one written Did better on this than I expected. I added all the footnotes, the Introduction is 90 percent written and typed (maybe 95 percent), I did the passage notes for a couple of key passages (enough for my beta reader version), and I identified all the appendixes and wrote one. I did not get the text formatted for reading yet, but this is a one day task I will complete tomorrow. This evening I completed typing a round of edits.

4. Market "Mom's Letter" to someone; includes marketing research. Came real close on this. Got the marketing research mostly done, narrowing the submittal places down to ten, of which I intend to submit to five.

5. Attend one critique group session; present a Documenting America column. Did not attend either session, due to the pressures of work, home, family, and avocation. Hopefully this month.

6. More fully capture, for future development, a couple of Bible study ideas that have recently flittered through my mind and managed to make their way on to a capture list. I partly completed this. I wrote a couple of pages on one of these Bible studies, and I managed to come up with a priority list of studies I will work on.

7. As time allows, work on my essay on the Resurrection. Did not do this. In fact, a month after I wrote this, I wonder if I will do this at all. The circumstances that made this seem so important a month ago are now a faded memory.

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