Monday, June 22, 2009

The Kicking and Screaming Part

Yesterday I completed my first article for and posted it for editor's review. Your first article after signing on must be approved by an editor before it is viewable on the site. After that you post directly and an editor reviews it after it "goes live". This morning an e-mail was waiting for me, from the editor for this area of the site, saying some changes were recommended.

I checked in at the site and looked at the editor's suggestions. Turns out it's just to add some more white space by breaking things into smaller paragraphs, and maybe making a bulleted list of a couple of items. No change asked for in the text itself. After completing this post I'll make those formatting changes, resubmit, and the article should go live today. I'll come back either today or tomorrow and post a link.

Then I will have to go to PayPal and see if my long-dormant account is still there. That's the only way Suite 101 pays. Not that I expect a windfall any time soon. I have about thirty days to give them payment provisions.

But as I said in my previous post, I'm doing this freelance thing kicking and screaming, holding on to my novels, Bible studies, poetry, and even non-fiction books dream. I'm afraid every writing hour for a while will be devoted to freelancing, both Suite101 and other markets. So I'll have to carve out time for other writing. Doing it while driving doesn't work. I've tried it and I can't seem to concentrate, and I don't really want the distraction. Better to spend driving multi-tasking time with the radio and either music or talk.

My walking time on the noon hour provides opportunites for poetry. I'm usually working on a haiku, or a cinquain, or something else short, something I can remember and write down when I get back in the office. Most of these are not good and I do nothing else with them. although I've got two from the last month that are on Post-it notes on my desk, waiting for me to decide whether they are good enough work on some more.

TV time obviously isn't a good time. Although, I find I can write with the TV on whereas I can't read. But this time is better for editing something rather than writing new stuff.

But the time that has seemed effective at pursuing my "dream" is when I go to bed and turn out the light. I generally fall asleep almost right away. But lately I've been fighting sleep to think through scenes in my novels. I have at most ten minutes before whatever substance my body makes in excess sends me into la la land. Lately I've visualized the last few scenes in Doctor Luke's Assistant. I've played and re-played the scene of In Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People where Ronny Thompson learns his girlfriend is a fraud and he hurls his cell phone off the Brooklyn Bridge into the East River. And I've ridden again on the Star Ferry across Hong Kong harbor, where the vanilla American family moves unbeknownst into an espionage adventure in China Tour.

Eventually I'll move on to other scenes. And I won't let this overcome me to the point where I can't fall asleep easily. Perhaps these last thoughts will lead to dreams that will enhance these books, and perhaps I'll begin remembering my dreams.

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